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Aarti Chikky & Snacks is a family owened & operated manufacturer of authentic & natural Indian food product mainly Khakhra & Chikky.

KHAKHRA: Crispy, crunchy, mouthwatering, tasty, traditionally & the most hygienic & nutritious snack for light breakfast & meal from India. For taste buds we have mouthwatering range & also for calorie conscious we have a unique range of diet khakhra. We also have a tailor made range for diabetic patients, i.e. karela khakhra, methi khakhra & many more.

CHIKKY: Sweet, crunchy, healthy snack for your melting moments made from sugar jaggery glucose & in various & delicious flavors.We are glad to serve you the best quality of khakhra & chikky & are proud to have wide range of our product in. No artificial flavors are used, each & every product is natural.After manufacturing special care has been taken in packaging to ensure the quality & to retain the product for a long time.



Chikky is a simple combination of nutritious components like Peanu-ts, Rajgira, Kurmura, Tilbound together with other components like Jaggery.

Khakhra is a popular roasted Gujarati Indian bread or snack item made from wheat flour and oil. Added to it are different supporting ingredients.
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